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Comprehensive Student Support Services Section 

The Comprehensive Student Support Services Section (CSSSS) provides leadership and support to schools in assuring that a Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS) is in place at every school. CSSS is a learner needs-driven delivery mode. It assures timely and direct delivery of preventative and developmental services as well as intervention and corrective services to target students and families. This branch is responsible for addressing the primary, secondary, and tertiary needs of all students--building a support network which includes all other appropriate agencies, departments, and service providers. The branch also addresses the Felix Consent Decree.

The Comprehensive Student Support Services Section (CSSSS) resides under the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support (OCISS), Student Support Branch (SSB) within the
Hawaii Department of Education.

Steven M. Shiraki Ph.D,  Administrator

  • Provides leadership and support to schools in implementing a comprehensive student support system.
  • Assures that students' needs are met in a timely and appropriate manner--whether the students' needs are preventative/developmental, secondary/remedial/early intervention, or tertiary, that is beyond the educational scope and requiring the assistance of other agencies and/or departments.
  • Assures and provides schools with direction and technical assistance to further family support and involvement.
  • Assures systematic and coordinated student support services to programs serving special target groups of students, such as Section 504, gifted and talented, early education, and those deemed "at-risk.
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