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Hawaii Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Contact:Jean Nakasato,
Educational Specialist (203-5515 ext 2305)

An essential component of the Comprehensive Student Support System (CSSS) is the need for a continuum of positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS), which addresses the behavioral challenges of all students with significant problems.  PBIS helps schools to establish and sustain schoolwide positive and proactive teacher and student practices to maximize academic achievement and character development for all students.

As a result of applying the PBIS process, schools are developing the local capacity to:

  1. develop proactive behavioral practices,
  2. use school discipline as an instrument for student success,
  3. formalize team-based problem solving for addressing behavioral concerns and challenges,
  4. develop a continuum of procedures for acknowledging appropriate behaviors,
  5. develop a continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviors,
  6. have on-going monitoring and evaluation procedures,
  7. develop the local expertise and capacity of the school leadership team to address simple to complex behavioral challenges of students.

The following four surveys can help schools to determine the implementation status of a school's schoolwide, classroom, nonclassroom and individual student behavioral systems.  The surveys can be accessed online from the website:  http://www.doesurveys.org/ (DOE Effective Behavior Support Survey).

Schools interested in completing this self-appraisal are asked to contact Jean Nakasato at 203-5515 ext 2305 or via lotus notes, jean_nakasato@notes.k12.hi.us for survey instructions.